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Toby Pear

ARCSR Diploma in Architecture 2008-10

Architect, Article 25

Toby pursued an interest in humanitarian architecture and vernacular building technologies during his postgraduate studies at London Metropolitan University, undertaking both research work and built projects in informal settlements in Delhi and Mumbai. This led to a spell working for an Indian NGO in a post disaster reconstruction project in Ladakh, designing and delivering a series of shelters and community buildings using local materials and technologies.

ARCSR Alumni Profile

What does your day to day role involve?

Project Architect on international development projects with an architectural charity - traditional architectural role, but also involved in charity development, fundraising, etc


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with diverse range of people from all parts of the world. Guiding young architects


Did you have to undertake any additional qualifications to get into your chosen career, if yes please describe your route

Part 3 (also at London Met)


Do you think your ARCSR experience directly assisted you in obtaining your current role and career path?

Yes, undoubtedly


What did you enjoy most about the course?

Inspirational teachers and topics, opportunity to travel and study unfamiliar contexts. The experience helped me to see a different way that an 'architect' might contribute to the world.


What are your professional ambitions?

I would like to be involved in making my current organisation a more efficient and successful one, that could expand with regional hubs to enable closer connections to the areas of the world it works in


In your opinion, what are the essential skills for you career?

Diplomacy, Flexibility, creativity


What is your best memory of ARCSR?

Live project in Mumbai


What advice can you offer to new ARCSR students?

Throw yourself into the projects! It's such an amazing opportunity to explore new areas of interest, and new parts of the world


And finally, tell us a bit about what you are currently working on at the moment.

I have 2 construction projects on site - school in Niger and a hospital in Nepal - and a third project for a

school / orphanage in Tanzania that is in the detailed design phase

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