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Who Cares? AAD Lecture Series 2015-19

ARCSR exploring "humanitarian" architecture through a series of talks and informal debates hosted by architecture students at The School of Art, Architecture and Design (AAD) between 2015-19.

Whether or not you identify with the word "humanitarian", the role of the architect in situations that are perhaps socio-politically complex, dealing with the management of scarce resources or attempting to better themselves with little or no capital is wide ranging and intriguing to many of us. This series examines and questions what it is to work in these environments, the motives for doing so and the reality of not for profit practice.

Previous contributors include:


Curated by Ellie Howard  and Nikki McFarland

Anna Webster

Aditya Aachi

Barbara Paagman

Julia King

Jordana Lyden Swift

Katherine McNeil
Nadine Coetzee

Maurice Mitchell


Curated by Corina Tuna and Rengin Dogan

Anna Webster

Ed Dale-Harris

Hadrian Garrard

Jan Kattein

Julia King 

Katherine McNeil

Mara Weiss

Oliver Hester

Sophia de Sousa

Xavi Llarch Font


Curated by Agnieska Pyrdol, Manvir Hansra and Nastassia Ruescher



Katie, Design Affects blog


Nikki McFarland & Jordanna



Rita, La Seppi Lab

Remi Connolly Taylor

Sam Mitchell

Studio Nuumi, Aidan Lewis

Tak Tak Tak

Tumpa Yasmin

Vicky Cave



Curated by Agnieska Pyrdol and Hosn Houssami

Antonio Capelao


Corina Tuna

El Parker

Eva Studio

Himanshu Parikh

Jaime Royo Olid

Maggie Black

Matt and Fiona

Matthew Barac

Nabeel Hamdi

Paul Vick

Toby Pear, Article 25

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