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Jonathan Buckland

ARCSR Diploma in Architecture 2008-10

Architect, Studio Buckland

Established by Architect Jonny Buckland BSc DipArch (Dist) ARB RIBA, the Studio Buckland works on a wide variety of projects and offers a range of services from full detail design of buildings to wider scale master-plans and community action projects. 

ARCSR Alumni Profile

What does your day to day role involve?



What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working in challenging contexts


Did you have to undertake any additional qualifications to get into your chosen career, if yes please describe your route



Do you think your ARCSR experience directly assisted you in obtaining your current role and career path?



What did you enjoy most about the course?

Learning a context and people centred design approach for the fast-changing world


What are your professional ambitions?

Continue to grow my practice with a strong humanitarian core


In your opinion, what are the essential skills for you career?

Communication and project management


If you are undertaking research, what sort of research is it?

Material predominantly with a focus on local craftsmanship and skills


What is your best memory of ARCSR?

10 days in India from which my professional career has continued to be based


What advice can you offer to new ARCSR students?

Ecology first, aesthetics second


And finally, tell us a bit about what you are currently working on at the moment.

THIRD SPACE - Udaipur, India. A new Science and Cultural centre, approximate construction budget of £40 million

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